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My journey to a normal BMI
From obese to normal by the end of 2012.


Height 5'5

Highest: 225




My massive eating on sunday

Well people, I had seen this coming.I knew sunday was going to be a bad day.

It started out simple enough-tea and coffee in the morning.

Then, I went out with my work mates- a kind of official retreat for our whole department. It was fun: out in nature, enjoying the great outdoors, hanging out with colleagues,….until it came to the stuffing your face with a delicious buffet part…which all of us proceeded to do with abandon.

There was much to offer, all of it rich stuff packed with calories. And even though I tempered my normal response when faced with a buffet(eat like its a race), and ate in a somewhat measured manner, I tried everything in mid-sized quantities, and you put all of that together and it turns into a whopping 1600 cal lunch(thats according to how I calculated it on myfitnesspal[Great site by the way. thanks”justkeepgoing84”]).

If any of you read my last post, you’d remember that I also had  a plan with my girl in the evening.Well, we couldnt make it to the movie, so we decided to go and eat out(cause whats more fun than eating out,right?).I did control myself here, so while my gf had most of the burger we ordered, I just one quarter of it ,a couple of fries, 1 cup of coleslaw and one scoop of delicious vanilla icecream.

What did the whole day come out to:2300 calories, roughly double what I’m supposed to have in a day.

Oh well, I think I’ll have to have no big meals on monday to even things out….